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TVI Express

What happens when you match a product that is needed by everyone and
sparks lifestyle with a Revolutionary, Proven and Easy to Follow System?

You get a Company that is literally doubling each month with
extraordinary growth worldwide, and life-changing wealth created by
those taking advantage of the momentum.

Welcome to Travel Ventures International, the next Big Giant in the Direct Selling Industry.

TVI offer you the opportunity to earn a minimum 10,000 USD plus huge bonuses every week.

You only need 2 direct referrals to begin moving up and through the system that results in weekly cash profits.

We like to test and observe things before spreading the word; and we did just that with TVI EXPRESS

Many have already seen incredible results from TVI EXPRESS with people earning a cool 10,000 USD A DAY after only a few months activity.

UNTIL NOW we have simply tested and observed as multiple positions moved up and
out of the 1st matrix and are now about to move out of the 2nd matrix
netting a cool 10k for doing a few minutes work these past weeks.

***More? Absolutely ! We will have a training and knowledge based site with current events,
event calendar, schedule of training calls and webinars, resources, and

***Even More?? Yes! When you have your first "TWO" personally sponsored TVI members, a
"special Invitation" will be sent to you and you will be added to a
Exclusive Strategy Group where you will learn the hidden, secret strategies unknown by most.

This is a pay once and get paid forever program. Introduce only 2 new
members and you are on your way to ever increasing profits. Every time
you collect the 10k profit you get entered into the matrix again for
free. The more you introduce the quicker you move through the system
and the more profits you make in bonuses.

We know of people collecting 10k every day now and they only joined a few months ago.

Life changing stuff here so take action and secure your place in our ELITE TEAM

contact us direct here:

Strategy tip:
Come aboard the Official TVI Group and have "only TWO come with you
and learn how "The Power of TWO" will systemically position YOU for a
100k future.

We are now ready to help you build your own TVI Team and are beginning to strategically place LEADERS to help build them a solid down line that will generate RESIDUAL cash profits for them of at least 10k a week

Now don`t think this is a free handout as we are looking for ACTIVE TEAM MEMBERS who are willing and able to work with us.

T..Together E...Everyone A...Achieves...M..More T>E>A>M

Those that join
us will be hugely rewarded. If you believe yourself to be one with
vision and want to have 10k a week MINIMUM from joining our "Official
TVI Group" then we will help you do it in 2010.

This is offered on a 1st come 1st served basis. You must contact us BEFORE you join TVI and we will get you placed in the best way to begin the process of collecting $$$$$ again and again and again.

So DO NOT sign up UNTIL you have contacted us and joined our OFFICAL TVI GROUP

TVI Express program offers a Pay Once; Get Paid For Life opportunity so do not let this pass you by.

We have the resources and the people to do this with you but you need to take action and take it now. We will only accept a limited number in this 1st phase

If you miss out now, you will need to join the line to wait your turn or do it all on your own.

This is an exclusive invitation in our Phase 1 process...Especially for YOU !!!.

If you have what it takes and are ready to grow rapidly then get in touch.

The next step: if you want to secure your place in our elite team…..

Send an email today to: and put I WANT IN as the subject.

Then go to the community site and find the new OFFICIAL TVI GROUP in the groups section of the site.

presentations AND training sessions are now happening several times
weekly covering USA and European time zones. Send an email to for details


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